Allow words of art to become apart of your home in the form of paper!

The Process of Paper transformation is extraordinary. The paper itself takes me on a journey like never before. While temperature and body heat plays a great role in foundation. Cool temperatures finalizes the physical structure.

Inside my studio brain storming various paper projects.

"When I am in my studio of sanctuary, the  world outside disappears. In my studio there is no day, night and no weather.  I have no age nor past, I am simply there working, creating and inspiring. I am Fabricaly Beautiful".

Education and Exhibitions


By Shimah Harris

Texture, light, Paper , Instllations – details like these can transform a room, making you feel like a new person whenever you’re in it. 


My work is based on a method of work constructed numerous folded papers erecting from a wooden plate.  Originating from a feminist inspired movement of the late 20th century, my work responds to traditions of female labor and crafts.  Strongly connected to her basic material of paper, I question the emotional response the materials evokes and its contemporary value in an age of digitally archived knowledge replacing material for size value and microscopic vision, I transform not only the materiality of the works but their physical effect on the viewer. The name Fabricaly Beautiful comes from "Paper made Beautifully" .


2019 Art Central, Meijler Art Booth, Hong Kong

2018 Scope Art Show,Meijler Art Booth, Miami

2018 Neighbors, Artists House, Chicago

2017 Shimah Harris, ZK Gallery, San Francisco

2017 Summer Show, Zemack Gallery, Dubai

2017 Fresh Paint Dubai

2016 Materiality Now, Raw Art Mexico


The Process

Illinois Institute of Art (Chicago)

Bachelors in Fine Art (2012-2016)

Shimah Harris